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Every nonprofit, no matter the size, deserves tools to increase revenue and make data-driven decisions.

Helping Nonprofits Raise More Money

We average findings of $525,000 in untapped fundraising opportunities for our clients.

Delve uses a proprietary software and years of expertise to analyze your data and provide customized strategic recommendations. Built by a fundraiser for nonprofit professionals responsible for generating revenue. Because your mission doesn’t have time to waste. Our process involves 4 easy steps. Learn more about our process today.

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Stay tuned to our blog for weekly updates. You’ll find regularly published resources on fundraising, strategic planning and data analytics. Also stay tuned for regular videos from the Delve Analytics Vlog!

Why I Will No Longer Apologize For Being a Fundraiser

Over the last few weeks I have sat alongside board members, leadership and program experts in strategic planning sessions for several organizations. Something I noticed happened at nearly every gathering:  I was apologizing for bringing a “revenue lens” to meetings. The reason for the apology? I’m acutely aware that shoulders begin creeping up toward...

Analyzing Your Major Gift Program: Pivot Table Tutorial Part 2

Utilizing your donor data to understand and make data-driven decisions about your major gift program. Today’s vlog shows you exactly how to investigate behaviors and historical tendencies of your major giving donor pool. We also touch on a few strategies anyone can implement based on information you’re seeing from your donor data anlytics. Watch it here: Today...

Analyzing New Donors: Pivot Table Tutorial Part 1

What are donor data analytics and how exactly can it help me increase revenue? It’s a common question we get from nonprofits all over the country. Analytics is the process of studying, examining and modeling your donor data to help you understand exactly how donors are financially engaging with your organization. Today we share...

5 Key Internal Changes To Improve Your Overall Fundraising Strategy

The majority of a development director’s time and energy should be focused externally through donor cultivation, solicitation and stewardship. But there are a few things to set up internally that will help you be more successful, enhance your revenue strategy, and take your external efforts to new heights. Add sophistication and increased revenue to your fundraising...